About Terri

Terri Lefler has been a designer for over 20 years.  In 1991, she received her Masters Degree from the College of Design at North Carolina State University and built a successful career as a Landscape Architect, thriving on the art and craft of detailed garden design.  Intrigued by applying her skills to other forms of design, she refocused her talents in 2002 to pursue other facets of creative expression.  Beginning with a 2-year apprenticeship in a traditional stained glass studio, she moved from the architectural nature of stained glass to detailed glass and metalwork pieces.  Her fascination with fine metalwork led her to study under Master Metalsmith Bill Churlik of Earthspeak Arts, where she developed the foundation and methods that underlie her style.  She continues perfecting her techniques and exploring new ones in her studio in Asheville, NC.

Artist Statement

The synergy created from combining raw components into landscapes, stained glass panels, or jewelry captivates me as much as the design process.  This process is heavily influenced by my studies of geometry and proportion as design tools and my experience as a Landscape Architect, mixing and balancing tone, texture and form.  As might be expected most of my designs are organic in nature.......until it becomes necessary and desirable to wallow in the clean lines of structured geometries.  For that reason I don't like to categorize my design style.

I work with Argentium Sterling Silver often accenting it with 14k yellow and rose golds, copper and/or gemstones.  Details are then further enhanced with varying degrees of patina applications.  These materials are melded together using traditional silversmith techniques including soldering, fusing and forging.  Each piece is handmade from raw materials so though many designs can be duplicated, each piece is uniquely singular.  I often head to the studio with ideas in my head of what I anticipate making.  And then again, it's not unusual to find myself following the path being made by the metal itself.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Terri Lefler